The very first question that captures my mind while reading that tagline is “Off-Grid”. It becomes extremely important to clarify the terminology. When I often hear people saying the word “off-grid,” I assume that they want their homes rather the machines (well said by great architect Le-Corbusier) to be renewably powered with independent systems that make energy on-site, well when we say “off-grid” it means that literally. But I certainly do not intend to talk about “Off-Grid” in the literal sense, I talk about romanticizing a “Home away from Home”, A Home amid nature, A Home which is away from “Chores of the City”. A home that is popularized by different names all over the world. Some people call it a “Farmhouse”, some call it “A tiny House” depending upon the scale of construction and its luxuries there are many more synonyms related to it. When we Human Beings act smarter and try to alter nature as per our priorities and likings, Nature definitely takes revenge on us. So, it becomes our responsibility to preserve nature and design “Not Against but with Nature”.